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Searching 2018
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Searching 2018

David Kim was not relieved, her 16-year-old daughter, when Margot disappeared, and police investigation did not go immediately. Soon, nobody decided to find a place – Laptop Margots. Looking ahead to tracking the digital imprint, David contacted his friends and watched pictures and videos about his existence.

After losing his 16-year-old daughter, David Kim (John Cho), a research and detective site, was assigned to this. 37 hours later and late,David will find an unknown place, where all the secrets are kept today: a portable daughter. In the hypermoderative observation we use to communicate with technology tools, David will definitely lose his daughter’s digital effects.

Jack Torrance, a frustrated writer, wants to have fun with a winter guardian, sponsored by the hotel, so he can write peace. When he arrived with his wife and son, the previous guard was annoyed. Jack slowly at a hotel in the devilhe became aware of it.


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